• Competition for research funding is at an all-time high. Success rates and pay lines for these grants are at an all-time low. This adds to the challenge of starting a research career. Mentorship that provides insight and guidance is key to developing both a strong research base and the grant application skills that will launch an investigator’s career.
  • ASTRO Grant Review Mentorship Program

    The ASTRO Grant Review Mentorship Program was created for early career investigators who are actively or will be applying for grant funding. This program pairs early career faculty with senior independent investigators who have successfully attracted NIH R01-level grants who will serve as grant writing mentors in translational radiation oncology, cancer biology and radiation physics.

    Program Structure

    Applicant requests grant review by:

    1. Submitting an online application through ASTRO website. The specific aims of the proposal must be included.
    2. Accepting the terms of the program agreement.
    3. Within one week, the assigned track chair will conduct a first tier review and evaluate the applicant’s specific aims submission.
    4. If necessary, specific aims are revised and resubmitted to the track chair.
    5. Track chair matches application with an expert reviewer (mentor) for the specific topic area.
    6. Once mentor and mentee are successfully matched, the mentee will be notified by ASTRO.
    7. Mentee reaches out to mentor to begin review of complete grant application.
    8. At the satisfactory conclusion of the review*, mentor and mentee complete a post review evaluation and mentee submits extramural grant application to grant making organization.
    9. Mentee informs ASTRO of the status of their grant application.

    *The average review period is expected to last from 4-6 months.

    For additional information about the Grant Mentorship program, please contact ASTRO's Research Department

    Complete the application.