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Submission Guidelines

The Abstract Submission Site is now closed for the 2013 ASTRO Annual Meeting. 

General Information

  1. Sponsorship or ASTRO membership is not required to submit an abstract.
  2. Abstracts must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, Friday, February 15, 2013. At 12:00 a.m. on February 16, 2013, the abstract submission site will be closed. Please be sure to hit “submit” before 11:59 p.m., as the abstract may not fully transfer and you risk being ineligible by having an “incomplete” status.
  3. Abstracts must be submitted online through the abstract submission site. No fax copies, disks or email submissions will be accepted.
  4. An abstract may only be submitted once. Duplicate abstracts (reporting the same data) that are submitted under a different title or author will be vetted and will not be considered.
  5. Summaries of new, ongoing and updated research will be acceptable for submission and presentation.
  6. Abstracts may be submitted from entities producing, marketing, re-selling or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients reporting on the discovery of their scientific research. Such presentations will be subject to a rigorous peer review process to ensure the validity of the research review process, results and conclusions. In addition, abstract content is subject to change after review and evaluation so that it is not biased toward any proprietary interests. ASTRO will exercise all rights in ensuring that abstracts reporting the discovery of scientific research remain in compliance with ACCME standards for offering CME.
  7. Once an abstract has been selected for presentation, it may not be revised. Please proof your abstract carefully for formatting, spelling and grammar. Double check all sections of the abstract, i.e., title, authors, disclosures and abstract body. Typographical errors that do not affect the data presented or accidental omission of co-authors may be updated in your presentation on-site.
  8. Abstracts may be edited up to the deadline of February 15, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. Abstracts will be considered ineligible for review until they are complete. Draft abstracts will not be considered. Abstracts that are unpaid or have payment issues will not be considered. If you do not receive a confirmation receipt, it is your responsibility to follow up and confirm your “complete” status.
  9. The maximum character limit, including the title and body of the abstract, is 2,500. Spaces are not counted. 
  10. A maximum of 10 author names may be listed on each abstract. There are no exceptions. Please proof your submission and confirm authors prior to submitting.
  11. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to obtain disclosure information from all co-authors and to report this information electronically during the abstract submission process.
  12. NOTIFICATIONS: You will be notified via email of the disposition of your abstract by early May 2013. Acceptance of the abstract by the committee obligates the author to present the paper and pay the meeting registration fee. If circumstances prevent attendance, you must notify ASTRO of your withdrawal and arrange for an alternate presenter, preferably a co-author.
  13. CHANGES: The only changes that can be made are: contributing authors, presenting author and typos found after submission. No material changes may be made to the abstract after review and acceptance. Deadline for changes is June 7, 2013. Please email Johanna VanArsdall with any change requests.
  14. WITHDRAWALS: If you choose to withdraw your abstract, please email your request by June 7, 2013, to Johanna VanArsdall. After June 7, 2013, your abstract will be published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology•Biology•Physics (Red Journal).
  15. Submission of an abstract conveys permission to be printed in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology•Biology•Physics (Red Journal).

Questions regarding the online submission process should be directed to ASTRO’s Education Department at 1-800-962-7876 or 703-839-7358.
REMINDER: A $60 abstract processing fee will be charged at the time of each submission.

First Author

  1. An individual may submit more than one abstract in which he or she is indicated as the presenting author but may only present one oral presentation (scientific session or digital poster). If more than one abstract is selected for oral presentation, an alternate presenter must be assigned, preferably a co-author.
  2. The presenting author of an abstract must NOT have a financial interest in the scientific content in the abstract. If a conflict of interest exists, the abstract must be submitted and presented by a co-author with no relevant financial relationship or any commercial interest.
  3. If the presenting author is employed by a commercial interest as defined by the ACCME, an alternate presenter must be named. This applies only to abstracts selected to receive CME credits.
  4. All presenters, including poster presenters, are required to register and attend the meeting.

Presentation at Other Meetings

  1. Abstracts should contain new material that has not been presented or published prior to the ASTRO Annual Meeting, September 22 - 25, 2013. Previously presented abstracts will not be eligible for ASTRO ’s official Press Program or Plenary Session.
  2. Abstract presenters with the same abstract accepted for presentation at another major medical meeting* or accepted for publication after February 15, 2013, are required to notify ASTRO by emailing Johanna VanArsdall.
  3. Under a special arrangement between ASTRO and RSNA, you may submit an abstract on the same topic to both society meetings. In the event your abstract is not selected by ASTRO, your submission will be forwarded to RSNA.

*Major medical meetings include annual meetings of national and international societies with attendance of more than 3,000 participants. 

Properly Formatted Abstract

  1. Abstracts must be properly formatted and organized into four sections identified by the following bolded headers: Purpose/Objectives, Materials/Methods, Results and Conclusions.
  2. Describe each section in sufficient detail so the Review Committee can evaluate the quality and completeness of the abstract.
  3. Presentations must give a balanced view of therapeutic options. Brand names of pharmaceuticals and trade names of medical devices cannot be used in the title or body of the abstract. ASTRO reserves the right to replace proprietary names with generic names.
  4. An abstract may contain one small table if it will improve the reporting of data. The table must be created using the table tool on the abstract submission site. The size limit for a table is 10 rows by 10 columns. There is a 300 character deduction for use of a table, regardless of size.
  5. The abstract cannot contain illustrations, images or graphs. If the abstract is accepted, presenters can include these items in their online presentations.
  6. The maximum character limit including the title and body of the abstract is 2,500. Spaces are not counted.
  7. A maximum of 10 author names may be listed on each abstract. There are no exceptions.

Embargo Policy

All abstracts submitted to the ASTRO Annual Meeting are embargoed until the date and time of presentation, unless otherwise noted by ASTRO. For questions regarding the embargo policy, please contact Michelle Kirkwood.

Press Program Policy

All abstracts accepted for presentation at the ASTRO Annual Meeting may be highlighted in ASTRO’s Press Program. All submitters agree to cooperate in the publicity of their study. For questions regarding the press policy, please contact Michelle Kirkwood.

Content last updated 10/3/2013
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