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Targeting Cancer Care
Meetings and Events

October 28 - 31, 2012

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston

The theme for ASTRO's 54th Annual Meeting is Advancing Patient Care Through Innovation. Changing demographics, a physician based delivery system predicted by many to be unable to meet future demand, dramatic growth in science and technology transfer, shifts in patient attitudes and expectation, and all in the context of a health care delivery system that is becoming increasingly unaffordable represent important societal trends that will force change in how health care will be conceived and delivered. These trends will have untold effects on radiation oncology care as well. Many health policy experts see “innovation” as the solution for these challenges to  our health care system—not only technological innovation, but innovation in the delivery of  care—to achieve  improved  outcomes while bending the cost curve.

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Special thanks to the following companies for supporting ASTRO’s 54th Annual Meeting with an unrestricted educational grant.

BMS2_12.jpg  lilly2_12.jpg 
bayer_12.jpg  mevion3_12.jpg 
pfizer_12.jpg  raysearch_small_12.jpg 
astellas_larger_12.jpg  civco_larger_12.jpg 
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Abbott Sun Nuclear Vertual Ltd. Xstrahl, Ltd.

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