Daily News Day 4 includes coverage of Keynote Barry Schwartz, PhD, the Awards Ceremony and additional commentary on abstracts presented during the Annual Meeting.

Digital Daily October 27, 2021 Access the Digital Daily from day 4 at the ASTRO Annual Meeting.
Keynote II Keynote speaker Barry Schwartz, PhD explains how the right amount of choice and practical wisdom are key to fulfillment
FLASH Dose-rate Helium Ion Beams Combining the potential normal tissue toxicity advantages of high-dose-rate and high linear energy transfer radiation therapy
Student perception of RO Researchers present impact of the ASTRO Aspiring Scientists and Physicians Program (ASPP) on diverse STEM students’ perception of radiation oncology
Loss of Respiratory Function Minimizing post-radiotherapy loss of respiratory function in lung cancer patients
Impact of Regional Nodal Irradiation Omission of regional nodal irradiation did not compromise outcomes in node positive patients with ypN0 receiving NAC
Proton Reirradiation Additional option for salvage after breast cancer recurrence

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