Tuesday, October 26

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NRG Oncology/RTOG 0815 NRG/RTOG 0815 demonstrates that short-term ADT improves metastasis-free survival in men receiving dose-escalated radiation therapy with intermediate-risk prostate cancer.
NRG GU003 Hypofractionation is the preferred treatment type of radiation therapy for intact prostate cancer: Is it now also for post-prostatectomy RT based on NRG GU003?
4-D CT-ventilation Functional Avoidance Results of a multi-institutional phase II clinical trial for 4-D CT-ventilation functional avoidance thoracic radiotherapy.
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Phase II study investigates the potential of ADC as a predictive MRI biomarker for radiation treatment efficacy for nasopharyngeal concurrent chemo/RT.
RADIOPARP Phase I Trial RADIOPARP phase I trial evaluating olaparib with radiation therapy for triple negative breast cancer demonstrates acceptable toxicity profile with zero grade 3+ adverse events.
Cancer Support Center One of the 2021 ASTRO Survivor Circle Grant reciepients, the CSC serves anyone seeking oncology care and focuses on a health equity initiative providing services to communities of color with high cancer morbidity rates.
LivingWell Cancer Resource Center One of the 2021 ASTRO Survivor Circle Grant recipients, LWCRC is a free oncology support center that provides services to empower people facing cancer with knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by the supportive LivingWell community. 

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