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The name American Society for Radiation Oncology, the acronym ASTRO and the ASTRO logo are registered trademarks of the American Society for Radiation Oncology. Use of the aforementioned in conjunction with promotional materials, advertisements, email marketing, company websites, endorsements, statements, contests and/or awards is strictly prohibited. In addition, exhibitors are not permitted to use the name American Society for Radiation Oncology or the acronym ASTRO in a company website address, email signature/tag line, etc.

ASTRO Annual Meeting Show Logo

Exhibitors may be able to use the ASTRO Annual Meeting show logo provided that advance written permission is received from ASTRO. Exhibitors who would like to use the ASTRO Annual Meeting Show logo or have questions regarding ASTRO’s logo usage policy must contact permissions@astro.org.

ASTRO Annual Meeting Show Logo Guidelines

  1. The ASTRO Annual Meeting show logo (“Show Logo”) cannot be used without the express, written permission of ASTRO.
  2. A written request to use the Show Logo must be received by ASTRO via email.
  3. ASTRO must review and approve the printed or electronic piece or website page where the Show Logo will appear.
  4. Final decisions on approvals are reviewed by ASTRO's CEO or Board of Directors before it can be printed or posted.
  5. Once the request has been approved by ASTRO, the Show Logo will be sent over to the requestor.
  6. The Show Logo cannot be used in any way to appear as an endorsement from ASTRO.
  7. The Show Logo may never be larger than the requestor's logo.
  8. The Show Logo must never be used at the center or top of the printed or electronic material or website.
  9. The requestor's logo must always appear on the material with the Show Logo.
  10. The final piece must be approved by ASTRO before printing, posting or emailing.

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