Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

Exhibitors may select to use Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) to provide various services for booth installation. An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, hereinafter referred to as "EAC",” is a company selected by the Exhibitor other than the "general" or "official" service provider(s) listed in the Exhibitor Forms section of the Exhibitor Resource Center for the 2021 ASTRO Annual Meeting, hereinafter referred to as "Event." No EAC will be allowed to work in an Exhibitor's booth unless the EAC requirements are satisfied by September 13, 2021. Both the Exhibitor and Exhibitor's EACs agree to comply with all requirements and specifications established in the 2021 Annual Meeting Exhibitor Rules, Regulations and Policies; the 2021 Annual Meeting EAC Rules and Regulations; the Notice of Intent to use EAC Policies and Procedures; the Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and EAC; Attendee Policies; Health and Safety Protocols and Measures; and Exhibitor Booth Health and Safety Guidelines. Exhibitors should share this important information with and oversee compliance of all booth personnel and exhibitor appointed contractors in advance of the meeting to ensure all who are attending and/or working on behalf of the Exhibitor are aware of and comply with these rules, policies, procedures and health/safety protocols and guidelines.

Due to the necessity of coordinating all activities during move-in/move-out and for safety/security purposes, Exhibitors and their EACs must comply with the following ASTRO and GES requirements:

ASTRO EAC Requirements

  1. Notice of Intent to Use EAC Policies and Procedures
    Exhibitor must submit the Notice of Intent to Use EAC Policies and Procedures form directly to GES by September 13, 2021.
  1. EAC Certificate of Insurance
    Exhibitor must procure and submit a valid certificate of insurance for each of its EACs directly to GES by September 13, 2021. The cost for such insurance shall be borne by the EAC or Exhibitor and shall comply with all insurance requirements in the Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and EAC and the 2021Annual Meeting EAC Rules and Regulations. The Notice of Intent to Use an EAC form must be emailed or faxed to ChicagoCOI@ges.com or 702-914-5022. The Certificate of Insurance must be uploaded to the following CertFocus link: https://www.certfocus.com/expresso/.
  1. Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and EAC
    Exhibitor is also required to submit the signed Agreement and Rules and Regulations between GES and EAC directly to GES by September 13, 2021.

View the 2021 EAC Rules and Regulations.

McCormick Place B.E.E.P. Check In

All EAC will be required to check in via the B.E.E.P. process at McCormick Place. View information on the check in process, including locations for entrance into the building. 

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