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Carl Allamby, MD

Dr. Carl Allamby is an Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. He specializes in life saving techniques and the prevention of illness and injury progression. However, this was not always his job.
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Chelsea C. Pinnix MD, PhD

Recent cell phone video recordings documenting violence and murder of Black Americans at the hands of police officers and American citizens have stunned the country and prompted many to denounce racism.
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Gavin Jones, MD

Gavin Jones, MD, recounts his first week at 8 West, his hospital's inpatient oncology wing, and his first interactions with a patient in pain and discomfort. "The truth is that I had always found cancer, in all its multifaceted complexity, to be the most human disease."
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Robbie Medbery, MD

As a white physician, it is easy to overlook the struggles that our patients of color experience daily. After the death of George Floyd, I decided that I had to start listening to my patients closely to learn what they go through, and to make sure that I am not contributing to their pain.

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