Digital Daily October 29, 2020 Day 6 of #ASTRO20 live meeting concludes with Clinical Trials, special session on COVID-19’s impact on the health care team; access for more than 30 days, through November 30
COVID-19 Special Session Recap Panel of health experts discusses burnout, disparities and the future of the pandemic in COVID-19 special session
Optimal Dose-Fractionation schedule for SABR Group trial bolsters case for stereotactic radiation therapy for tumors that travel to the lungs
Postoperative 3-D CRT vs IG-IMRT in cervical cancer Adding image guidance to post-operative radiation therapy can reduce side effects for women with cervical cancer
Early Medicaid Expansion Associated with Decreased Cancer Mortality Given the ongoing discussions surrounding health care legislation, it remains imperative to review the impact of recent health policy changes on relevant oncologic outcomes.
Adaptive RT and Improved Guidance for HNC Highlights of Adaptive Radiation Therapy and Improved Image Guidance for Head and Neck Cancer at the 2020 ASTRO Annual Meeting
Storytelling Sessions at ASTRO Annual Meeting This year's Annual Meeting featured six virtual Storytelling sessions where ASTRO members and experts shared their deeply personal experiences through the art of storytelling.

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