Sunday, October 25

Digital Daily October 25, 2020 Daily News Day 2 includes scientific session recaps from Saturday, today's programming highlights, including a preview of the Presidential Symposium and ASTRO Journals articles in print and being presented at the Annual Meeting.
Gene expression in African American men with prostate cancer Validation of Gene Expression Differences in Prostate Cancer Tumors of African American Men: Where Do We Go from Here?
Burnout among providers and staff Affecting Change in Burnout Among Radiation Oncology Providers and Staff Requires Leadership at Every Level 
FLASH-RT What is the Mechanism behind FLASH Dose Rate Effect?
Pediatrics-Neuroblastoma Pediatric Patients with High-risk Neuroblastoma with Multiple CNS Relapses Can Safely be Treated with Reirradiation as part of Multimodality Treatment
Racial Disparities in Cancer Outcomes Improving Societal Factors Can Lead to Reduction of Racial Disparities in Cancer Outcomes 

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