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Check here for daily updates about the ASTRO 2020 Annual Meeting! ASTRO's Daily News provides highlights and coverage for each day of the meeting; these include notifications of featured events, as well as recaps of many abstract presentations.


Show Daily News Look inside for a message from ASTRO President Dr. Eichler, details on the new Exhibit Hall Only Day, the 2020 Abstract Award Winners, updates on the RO Model, a new ROhub community and the Annual Meeting platform User Guide.
Saturday, October 24 Welcome to the 2020 ASTRO Annual Meeting! Read the Digital Daily News to learn more about today’s programming, which includes the popular PRO program, Master Classes, Science Highlights and the first Cancer Breakthroughs session.
Sunday, October 25 Daily News Day 2 includes scientific session recaps from Saturday, today's programming highlights, including a preview of the Presidential Symposium and ASTRO Journals articles in print and being presented at the Annual Meeting.
Monday, October 26 Day 3 continues with scientific sessions recaps from Sunday, a preview of today's Plenary, comprehensive coverage of the Presidential Symposium and an ASTRO Board announcement regarding CHEDI, plus highlights of what's in store for Monday.
Tuesday, October 27 Day 4 coverage includes member dues announcement, Dr. Knaul Keynote recap, additional scientific study spotlights and today's highlights.
Wednesday, October 28 #ASTRO20 Day 5 includes Special Session on COVID-19, Clinical Trials, 2020 Gold Medalists & Kendi Keynote recap
Thursday, October 29 Day 6 of #ASTRO20 live meeting concludes with Clinical Trials and a special session on COVID-19’s impact on the health care team. The platform remains open through November 30.

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