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MOC Overview

What should I be doing to maintain my certification?

Under the new rolling certification process that was implemented by the ABR in 2013, there will be an annual look-back that will evaluate a diplomate's participation in the three previous calendar years. The first full look-back was March 2, 2016, and reviewed a diplomate’s participation in all four part of MOC.

At the time of each annual look-back, you must have:

Where can I learn more about MOC?

ASTRO has partnered with the ABR to provide a walk-though of the MOC Simple Attestation process. ASTRO encourages all current and future American Board of Radiology (ABR) diplomates to visit the ABR website to learn about the details of Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Click on the links below to navigate directly to the ABR webpage that describes these components. Interested about information for the upcoming Part 3 format: Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA)?  See the ABR about OLA.