2021 ASTRO Annual Refresher Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view the schedule of sessions?
You can view the current schedule going to the Schedule of Events page or viewing the online Program Guide.

Are there any key deadlines coming up that I need to know about?
Deadline to complete Live SA-CME assessments  - April 2, 2021
Deadline to complete course evaluation to claim CME credit - Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How do I add the Networking Events, Live SA-CME Sessions, Refresher OnDemand Virtual Product and other add-on events to my registration?
If you would like to register for a Networking Event or add-on any additional products  to your current 2021 ASTRO Annual Refresher Course registration, please visit the Registration page. Once on the registration page, select “Modify Registration” to begin the process. You will need your ASTRO login credentials to continue. 

I am participating in a Networking Event. How can I make sure Zoom works for my system and with my internet connection?
You can test your system by going to https://zoom.us/test.

How do I join the meeting?
A customized Vimeo link was emailed to the email you registered with on March 11, 2021.

I can't find my Vimeo Link, where can I find it?
If you cannot locate the email with your customized Vimeo link, you can find your link in the 2021 ASTRO Annual Refresher Course ROhub community.

I am having technical difficulties getting into the meeting, what do I do?
ASTRO is unable to provide technical assistance. However, if you are having trouble accessing the conference, you may email theeducation team and we will do our best to help. If you are having difficulties logging in to a Zoom Networking Event, please view Zoom’s Technical Support page: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362003-Zoom-technical-support.

If I can't attend a session or miss a session, can I view the recording?
Only attendees that purchase the onDemand Virtual product will have access to recordings after the event concludes.

Where can I find the presentation PDFs?
You can find all presentation PDF’s in the Refresher Course ROhub Community.

What should I do during breaks?
Breaks are a great time to post questions, go to the Virtual Exhibit Hall, start a conversation on ROhub community, check your emails or take a break.

How can I interact with other attendees?
You can interact with other attendees by using the chat feature of the Vimeo platform, posting in the ROhub community or attending one of the networking events (Young Professionals Luncheon, Expert Breakouts, Virtual Networking Happy Hour).

How do I interact with an exhibitor?
We encourage you to interact with exhibitors by visiting their virtual booth in the Virtual Exhibit Hall which is available 24/7 by either joining their conference link (if available), filling out a virtual business card or utilizing the contact methods listed at the bottom of their booth.

How long will the Virtual Exhibit Hall be available to view?
The Virtual Exhibit Hall will be open for 90 days after the 2021 ASTRO Refresher Course concludes and will close on June 19, 2021.

Is the session Vimeo link the same link used for pre-registered Networking Events?
No, there are separate links for each Networking Event that was emailed to you prior to the start of the 2021 ASTRO Annual Refresher Course. If you cannot locate the Zoom link for your Networking Events, please contact the Meetings Department.

What kind of CME credits are offered and how many?
To view what CME is offered for this event please visit the 2021 ASTRO Annual Refresher Course Continuing Education Credits page.

How do I claim CME credit?
Log in to the ASTRO Academy using your astro.org credentials, click on My Activities and Pending Activities. Complete the 2021 Annual Refresher Course Evaluation, complete the evaluation and claim your credits at the end.

Where can I get a certificate of attendance?
Once your complete the evaluation on your ASTRO Academy account you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Will I have access to the recorded presentations after the event concludes?
Presentations will be available starting March 24, 2021 for people who have purchased the Refresher onDemand only.

How do I access my Refresher onDemand virtual product?
Log in to the ASTRO Academy with your astro.org credentials, click on My Activities and Pending Activities. The 2021 Annual Refresher Course will be listed under your pending courses.

Which courses are part of the ASTRO Academy Boost Package?

  • Difficult Cases in Breast Cancer (1.25 SA-CME)
  • Hypofractionation for Head and Neck Cancer (1.25 SA-CME)
  • Geriatric Oncology: What Do Radiation Oncologist Need to Know (1.25 SA-CME)

Where do I find my Academy Boost Package?
Log in to the ASTRO Academy with your astro.org credentials, click on My Activities and Pending Activities. Each of the Boost Package courses will be listed separately in your Pending Activities. Click on Take Course and follow the course steps to complete.

When are the eContouring webinars and what are the topics?

  • eContouring for Breast Cancer with Dr. Atif Khan, FACS (1.25 CME credits) - Tuesday, April 6, 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. Eastern time
  • eContouring for Head and Neck Cancer with Dr. Kenneth Hu (1.25 CME credits) - Tuesday, April 20, 7:00 p.m. - 8:15 p.m. Eastern time

I purchased an eContouring Webinar, how do I get access to it?
Approximately two weeks before the webinar, you should receive an email about the optional pre-webinar contouring homework. On the date of the webinar, log in to the ASTRO Academy with your astro.org credentials, click on My Activities and Pending Activities. Click on the webinar and click Take Course; you will be able to launch the webinar from there and claim your CME.

If I didn't attend the 2021 ASTRO Annual Refresher Course, can I still purchase the onDemand?
Yes, you will be able to purchase the Refresher onDemand starting on March 24, 2021 through the ASTRO Academy. The fees forRefresher onDemand are as follows:

  • Attendee Rate $75 (Flat rate until 30 days after the meeting, after 30 days, the rate increases to the Non-attendee Rate)
  • Non-attendee Rate
    Member-in-Training - $200
    Member - $375
    Nonmember - $500