ASTRO Research Workshop: Treatment of Oligometastatic Disease

Rules and Regulations

The American Society for Radiation Oncology, hereinafter referred to as "ASTRO," has established the following 2019 Research Workshop Exhibitor Rule and Regulations, hereinafter referred to as "Rules," to protect the integrity of the technical exhibits at 2019 Research Workshop, hereinafter referred to as the "Exhibit Hall," and to ensure compliance with laws, codes, ordinances and contracts with the exhibition facility. "ASTRO Show Management" as used herein, shall refer to all officers, employees, contractors, volunteers and agents acting with authority from ASTRO. It is the responsibility of the official exhibitor representative as indicated on the Application and Contract for Exhibit Space, hereinafter referred to as "Exhibitor," to ensure that all booth personnel and contractors working on behalf of the Exhibitor adhere to the Rules and conduct themselves in a professional manner.
1. Purpose
2. Eligibility
3. Exhibit Space Rules
4. Local Laws and Regulations
5. Height and Non-blocking Display Regulations
6. Electrical Safety
7. Use of Space
8. Product/Service Display
9. On-site Sales by Exhibitors
10. Exhibitor Conduct
11. Location of Exhibit Program
12. Dates and Hours of Exhibit Installation, Exhibit Open, and Exhibit Dismantling
13. Subleasing Exhibit Space
14. Occupancy Default
15. Cancellation or Change of Exhibit Program Dates or Venue
16. Cancellation by Exhibitor
17. Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
18. Waiver and Indemnification
19. Insurance Requirements
20. Installing, Exhibiting and Dismantling Labor Policy
21. Damage to FHI360 Conference Center
22. Floor Loading
23. Code for Interactions with Companies
24. Alcoholic Beverages
25. Flammable Material
26. Flashing Lighting, Noise and Odors
27. Music
28. Obstruction of Aisles or other Exhibitors’ Booth(s)
29. Research Workshop Admittance Policy
30. Exhibitor Booth Personnel Badging/Credentialing
31. Photography, Videotaping and Recording
32. Entertainment
33. Media
34. Advertising, Marketing, Promotional Activities and Distribution of Printed Material
35. Organization Logo Use
36. Research Workshop Logo
37. Access to Preshow and Postshow Attendee Lists
38. Non-compete Events
39. Waiver of Rights
40. Relocation of Exhibits (totally or individually) and other Floor Plan Revisions
41. Federal, State and Local Regulations
42. Amendment and Additions to Rules
43. Violation of Rules and Regulations
44. Agreement to Rules and Regulations