2019 Coding and Coverage Seminar

Session Content References

Coding, coverage and reimbursement for the set of radiation oncology codes within health care is a very complex and vast topic; education on this topic is necessary to increase practicing clinicians’ understanding of radiation oncology and ensure correct coding is being implemented. Coding and coverage for radiation oncology is not addressed in medical programs, nor regularly included in job training for billing and coding professionals.

The ASTRO Coding and Coverage Seminar is designed to provide information to ASTRO members (radiation oncologists, radiation physicists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists), coding professionals and practice administrators on the topic of CPT codes and coverage within radiation oncology. The program will include case studies that allow participants to test their knowledge and apply newly acquired strategies for coding and coverage. Participants will apply their new coding and coverage skills to improve coding accuracy related to daily clinical practice.

Below is session planning content that will help attendees extend and enhance learning as well as reinforce changes in practice.

Session content references:

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  2. http://medicalcodingnews.org/90-report-clinical-documentation-improvement-boosted-revenue/
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Potential Challenges/Barriers to Change:
  1. Lack of budget within organizations to allow for continuing education on radiation oncology coding.
  2. The staff responsible for coding has limited expertise/knowledge of codes specific to radiation oncology.
  3. The rapid changes in healthcare reimbursement.
The Quality Payment Program
Brachytherapy Overview, Proton Beam Therapy and Case Study #1
3-D, IMRT and Case Study #2
Case Study #3: 3-D with Boost for Breast Cancer
SRS and SBRT Overview and Case Studies #4 and #5
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Changes
Coding Pitfalls, Packaging and Bundling Issues and NCCI Edits