2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting

What's New at ASTRO 2019?

An all-new format for the Presidential Symposium, “Curing Metastatic Disease with Radiotherapy—Myth or Reality?”

  • Dynamic speakers sharing perspectives and challenges.
  • Revised seating to encourage conversation.
  • Facilitated break-out sessions immediately following the debate..
  • “Table-topics” assigned with time for sharing ideas and connecting with colleagues in the Innovation Hub – continue the conversation, or join a new one.

An inspirational closing session on Wednesday

Don’t even think about leaving early this year! A special session has been added on Wednesday that will highlight some of the big takeaways from the meeting, along with an overview of the advances from the past year and potential breakthroughs on the horizon in multidisciplinary cancer treatment. This will tie together key science from ASCO, AACR, ESTRO and ASTRO.

A new focus on Wellness throughout the meeting with:

  • Sunrise Yoga sessions to start your day with fresh energy and an open mind!
  • A special luncheon with a focus on health.
  • Healthy food options available for meals and snacks throughout the meeting.
  • More free time in the schedule, giving you a chance to relax, network with old and new friends, and reflect on what you’ve learned.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend ASTRO 2019

  1. A reengineered and interactive Presidential Symposium that invites your participation. 
  2. A closing session on Wednesday with a round-up of the oncology community’s advances and trends from the year, giving inspiration and purpose as you return to your practice.
  3. Intentionally curated digital poster stations with interrelated topics to generate discussion and collaboration. 
  4. A purposeful Exhibit Hall to foster richer conversations on industry solutions for improving patient outcomes. 
  5. More white space on your schedule allowing you to connect with content and each other in a meaningful way. 
  6. A warm and inviting environment inspiring you to make natural connections with peers and industry. 
  7. The bustling Innovation Hub, a gathering place for shared learning and networking. 
  8. Newly designed sessions highlight top science through shorter talks, with more time to ask questions and share perspectives. 
  9. Multiple wellness events to recharge and nurture your mind and body. 
  10. The Industry Expert Theaters, repurposed areas in the Exhibit Hall, for new educational opportunities. 

Join us in the dynamic city of Chicago, September 15-18, 2019. Together we will innovate, collaborate and transform our work to advance cancer care and improve patient outcomes!