2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting

Attendee Policies

By registering for an ASTRO meeting, you acknowledge your registration and participation are subject to these Attendee Policies as well as ASTRO's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Special Assistance

ASTRO is committed to making the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting accessible to all individuals. If you have a disability as identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act, and wish to request assistance, please contact us, either at the ASTRO Headquarters (703-502-1550), at the meeting on-site at the “ASK ASTRO” booth, or by emailing meetings@ASTRO.org, subject line: “ADA Assistance Request.”

Cancellation Statement

ASTRO reserves the right to cancel this Annual Meeting and any ticketed or special events included because of unforeseen circumstances. View the Annual Meeting Registration Cancellation Policy.

Equal Opportunity Statement

ASTRO events and activities are available without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or other legally protected status as provided by law and in accordance with ASTRO’s respect for personal dignity.

Age Requirement for Attendees

Because of the nature of the programs and forums, no one under the age of 18 will be admitted to any official ASTRO function. This includes, but is not limited to, all sessions and the Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall). 

Access to Your Contact Information

Your registration information is being used by ASTRO in various ways to facilitate meeting operations. It also may be used to create a mailing list that ASTRO provides to exhibitors and others in accordance with ASTRO policies. ASTRO's Annual Meeting, including registration and housing and use of any personal information obtained, are governed by ASTRO's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In addition, your badge will contain a scan code that includes your contact information. You may present your badge to be scanned by exhibitors in the Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall) to provide your contact information to them, so that they may provide you information on their products/services. 

You should be aware that this may provide sufficient information for them to report information about you under the Open Payments Program, if applicable (see below). The contact information on your badge will include your name, title, company, mailing address, phone number and email address, unless you opted to exclude your email address during the registration process. Contact the ASTRO Registration Center at astroregistration@spargoinc.com or stop by registration on-site if you would like to confirm the contact information that is encoded on your badge. 

Please be aware that it is your decision whether or not to present your badge for scanning and once you share your information with an exhibitor, its use will be governed by their policies.  ASTRO has no responsibility for or control over their use and advises that you familiarize yourself with their policies prior to sharing your information.

Recording (Audio, Video and Still Photography)

Copyright of the ASTRO Annual Meeting program is owned by ASTRO. ASTRO reserves the rights to all recordings or reproductions of presentations at this meeting. Professional or commercial photography, filming, taping, recording or reproduction in any medium, including via the use of tripod-based equipment and mobile devices, of any of the programs, presentations, posters, material, attendees, exhibitors, the Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall), and/or exhibits at the ASTRO Annual Meeting are strictly forbidden without written authorization from ASTRO. Non-flash photography and audio or video recording using hand-held devices are permitted only for strictly personal and noncommercial use and if not disruptive, as determined by ASTRO.

Meeting Badge

For security reasons, the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting badge will be required for admittance to all events. Badges should be worn and visible at all times. Lost badges should be reported to the registration staff immediately. The following badge policies will be in effect throughout the meeting:

1. 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting badges are the sole property of ASTRO.
2. Badges are not transferable.
3. False certification of individuals as paid Annual Meeting attendees, misuse of badges, any method of assisting unauthorized persons to gain access to any Annual Meeting event, or any inappropriate or unauthorized conduct is prohibited.

Attendee Conduct

ASTRO is committed to providing a professional, collegial, safe and respectful environment for all aspects of the Annual Meeting. Attendees agree that they will conduct themselves professionally and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and rules of the convention center, as well as the Attendee Policies. Attendees may not engage in any demonstrations or other behavior that ASTRO deems potentially disruptive to the conduct of the meeting or that infringes on the rights or safety of others.

Violations are determined by ASTRO in its sole discretion and may be grounds for repossessing the badge and expelling any parties involved from the Annual Meeting without obligation on the part of ASTRO for refund of any fees, ineligibility for attendance at future ASTRO Meetings, and possible referral to appropriate authorities. Any person who is dismissed from the meeting may request that ASTRO review the matter, provided, however, that the individual understands that such dismissal will be effective immediately and will continue until and unless ASTRO issues a contrary decision.

ASTRO Official Photography/Videography

ASTRO has secured an official photographer/videographer to document and capture events at the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting and may photograph or record parts of the Annual Meeting, including, but not limited to, the Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall) and educational sessions.

An individual attending the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting understands that his or her image, likeness, name, voice and/or words may be captured in photographs or recordings taken during the meeting and grants ASTRO unrestricted permission to use, publish, display, reproduce, copy and distribute such image, likeness, name, voice and/or words, worldwide, for any purpose authorized by ASTRO, including but not limited to website use, training, publications, presentations, promotional marketing and advertising use, etc., in all forms of media now known or later developed. ASTRO has the right, but not the obligation to identify you in connection with such media by name and/or affiliation.

First Aid

There is a First Aid Station on-site for the convenience of our attendees, but ASTRO makes no representation and assumes no liability for any care provided there. Attendees use this resource at their own discretion and may always seek medical assistance as needed by their own provider or by contacting the McCormick Place, West Building emergency line at 312-791-6060.

Luggage/Coat Check Service

As a service to attendees, ASTRO provides a luggage/coat check area at McCormick Place, West Building for attendees to store coats, luggage, personal items, etc. for a small fee. This service is being provided by a third party, Savor, who is not affiliated with ASTRO. Attendee understands and agrees, which agreement is evidenced by electing to use this service, that ASTRO is not responsible for the articles checked or the contents of articles checked at the luggage/coat check area. Further, attendee releases ASTRO and its employees, officers and Board of Directors from any liability for items that are lost or stolen.

No Soliciting in the Exhibit Hall

The Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall) gives 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting attendees the opportunity to meet with representatives from the health care industry about their products and services in a professional atmosphere that is consistent with the educational mission of ASTRO.

Meeting attendees are prohibited from soliciting business from other attendees or exhibitors in the Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall), unless the solicitation occurs within the specific exhibit space of the attendee or exhibitor.


The McCormick Place is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is prohibited in all meeting facilities, including public areas, the Innovation and Solution Showcase (Exhibit Hall) and food service areas.

Open Payments Program/Physician Payments Sunshine Act

Please note that exhibitors or other parties required to report under the Open Payments Program may track and report items, meals or other transfers of value that they provide to you during the 2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting in accordance with their interpretation of the requirements set forth in the Physician Payments Sunshine Act and regulations. If you have any question about whether an item or event is reportable, please ask the exhibitor/sponsor directly.

For more information on the Open Payments Program/Physician Payments Sunshine Act, visit ASTRO's Sunshine Act FAQs or the CMS website.

Amendment to Attendee Policies

Any matters not specifically covered by these Attendee Policies shall be subject solely to the decision of ASTRO. ASTRO may, at any time, amend or add further policies, and all amendments and/or additions made shall be binding on all attendees equally along with the foregoing Attendee Policies.