2019 ASTRO Annual Meeting


This year’s Keynote speakers will continue to highlight the meeting theme of Innovate, Collaborate: Transform. On Monday we will have a dual Keynote with Suchi Saria, PhD, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering and David Magnus, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Ethics and Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Stanford University will tackle the topic of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Dr. Saria will speak to the clinical application of AI and deep learning where Dr. Magnus will remind us of the “ethical challenges” of AI and deep learning in terms of ethics and other issues. On Tuesday, we will hear from Vanessa Kerry, MD, the co-founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, who will engage and inspire us as she discusses how team-based approaches and educating local caregivers can advance care in under-resourced and low income nations.

Please see below for biographies:

Keynote Address I: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Medicine
Keynote Address II: Global Health in Oncology