2019 Modern Radiotherapy for Hematologic Malignancies

Promotional Opportunities and Sponsorship

Build interest in your brand through one of the sponsorship or promotional opportunities below. View our full promotional opportunities brochure, which includes meeting sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Industry-Expert Theater ($5,000)
Enhance the educational element of your company's noteworthy products and services with a presentation during your Industry-Expert Theater. 

Virtual Meeting ($5,000)
Receive year-round recognition! ASTRO will preserve the content presented in the Modern Radiotherapy for Hematologic Malignancies sessions through audio and video recordings. Sponsors receive name recognition on the meeting website and recognition in all publications where the Virtual Meeting is mentioned. Contact the Corporate Relations department for more information via email or at 703-502-1550.

Advisory Board Meeting ($2,500)
Take advantage of more than 150 expected attendees by holding your Advisory Board meeting in the convenience of the host hotel. 

Promotional Opportunities

Pocket Program ($3,000)
A comprehensive meeting information booklet available to attendees, the Pocket Program contains information on all aspects of the meeting. Sponsor receives two full page advertisements to include inside front cover and inside back cover.

Premier Display Banner ($2,000)
These large colorful banners are positioned in prominent locations and provide unparalleled visibility for your corporate display.

Registration Bag ($2,500 lead sponsor, $1,000 insert)
The Registration Bag will be distributed directly to attendees during registration and badge pick-up. This is an excellent opportunity to put your messaging in front of your customers and prospects. 

Secure your promotional opportunities now. For more information contact the Corporate Relations department at 703-502-1550.