ASTRO's 60th Annual Meeting

Nanobiotix Monday IET

Industry-Expert Theaters are venues in the ASTRO Innovation and Solution Showcase that permit companies to share their latest and most noteworthy products in hour-long presentations. For more information, or to see other IETs, view the 2018 schedule.

The Big Road Ahead for Nanoparticles and Radiation Therapy

Nanobiotix is a late clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering new approaches in cancer. NBTXR3 is a first-in-class product which when activated by radiation therapy, physically destroys cancer cells and activates the immune system for both local control and systemic disease treatment. Currently, the company is evaluating NBTXR3 in seven clinical trials with a focus on head and neck cancers and Immuno-Oncology programs. Please join us on Monday, October 22 at 3:45 p.m. as our CEO Dr. Laurent Levy discusses “The Big Road Ahead for Nanoparticles and Radiation Therapy.”



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