Educational Resources

  • Further your education by joining faculty leaders and your peers in the monthly Journal Club Webinar, reviewing case vignettes or learning more about scholarship opportunities.


    ARROCase is a peer-reviewed publicly accessible educational database for residents in radiation oncology. ARROCase aims to highlight key aspects of radiotherapy for different disease sites through sample cases.

    Radiobiology Lectures

    The following lecture series is provided courtesy of William Mcbride PhD, DSc, a professor in the department of radiation oncology at the University of California, Los Angeles. The lectures cover core topics in radiobiology that are fundamental to residents in training.


    The ARRO Academic and Business Curriculum for Residents in Radiation Oncology is a series of lectures intended to supplement less commonly covered, practical topics that may be relevant to radiation oncology residents. Each year different topics will be selected from the ARRO Annual Seminar for inclusion into the curriculum.

    Image Challenge

    ARRO Image challenge questions use diagnostic and treatment planning images to highlight key concepts in radiation oncology.

    ASTRO-ARRO Journal Club Webinars

    Further your education by joining faculty leaders and your peers in the Journal Club Webinar series. These webinars are made possible through an educational partnership with ASTRO and the Radiation Oncology Institute (ROI) Juan A. del Regato Fund.

    Stay tuned for upcoming live webinars!