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77014 Coding Guidance

CT Guidance Not Reported Separately with Simulation

Providers can no longer separately report CT guidance with CPT® code 77014 (Computed tomography guidance for placement of radiation therapy fields) when reporting simulation service codes 77280-77290 and code 77295 (Therapeutic radiology simulation-aided field setting; 3-dimensional). The codes have been revised to reflect current practice, and since the use of CT guidance is integral to the simulation procedure, it should no longer be reported separately. The value of the professional and technical components of CT guidance is now captured within the simulation service. This revision is in effect in the freestanding and hospital-based settings for simulation procedures. 

Guidance for Reporting CPT Code 77014 with Simulation Codes

Since the development of the simulation codes, there have been significant changes in the process of care for physician and other qualified health care professionals, as well as the nature of the equipment utilized. For example, fluoroscopic simulators have largely been replaced with dedicated CT scanners and related work stations. As a result, CPT code 77014 is now included in the simulation codes. At the time of simulation, CPT code 77014 may not be reported by the provider in either the freestanding or the hospital setting.

CPT code 77295 has been reassigned and is now grouped under Medical Radiation Physics, Dosimetry, Treatment Devices and Special Services rather than simulations. Nevertheless, this same rule of not reporting CPT code 77014 when reporting CPT code 77295 also applies.

The inclusion of CT guidance within the simulation service is documented in the definition of simulation: "Simulation is the process of defining relevant normal and abnormal target anatomy, and acquiring the images and data necessary to develop the optimal radiation treatment process for the patient."

CPT Code Description IGRT-Specific Guidelines Supervision Requirements
77014 Computed tomography guidance for placement of radiation therapy fields Used with CT-based systems (i.e., integrated cone beam CT, CT/linear accelerator on rails, tomotherapy). Direct

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