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Call for Volunteers: Radiation Oncology Healthcare Advisory Council

As part of the Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System (RO-ILS), ASTRO is looking for volunteers to participate in the Radiation Oncology Healthcare Advisory Council (RO-HAC). The RO-HAC will be an advisory council which will conduct analysis of the data within the RO-ILS. The RO-ILS is a patient safety organization (PSO) designed to improve the quality and safety of health care delivery within radiation oncology. For more information on RO-ILS, please read, ASTRO to develop radiation oncology error reporting system and ASTRO begins beta testing of Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System.

The RO-HAC aims to provide radiation oncology-specific expertise to the RO-ILS and Clarity PSO. RO-ILS is a PSO designed to improve the quality and safety of health care delivery within radiation oncology. Members of the RO-HAC will work with existing patient safety experts participating in Clarity PSO’s Healthcare Advisory Council to review aggregate patient safety data based on incident reports submitted through RO-ILS. RO-HAC members will also support the development and dissemination of patient safety interventions based on individual reports and aggregate data.

The RO-HAC will achieve these objectives while focusing on two areas: initial triage of events to determine the extent to which submitted events warrant further analysis, and root-cause analysis. RO-HAC members may be called upon to focus primarily on one of the two areas, or to assist with both areas. Depending on expertise (modalities, disease site, etc.), certain RO-HAC members may be asked to assist with the root-cause analysis for certain events.

Interested parties should complete the RO-HAC application. Self-nominations are acceptable. Applications will be reviewed, and selections will be determined by ASTRO’s Clinical Affairs and Quality Committee leadership with input from AAPM’s Working Group for the Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System. View the official RO-HAC application.

All interested parties will also need to have an updated Disclosure Statement with ASTRO. To complete the Disclosure Statement, log in and click on 'My Disclosures.' If you do not have a username and password, you can easily create one. All members should complete Disclosure 01—Employment Relationships unless unemployed or retired. This disclosure pertains to your current employment. If your information has not changed since your last update, you will still need to go online and acknowledge that the information is still current and then hit finalize and submit at the end of the form.

Qualifications for RO-HAC members

  • Must have at least 10 years of clinical experience.
  • Demonstrated expertise in patient safety. Expertise may be documented through publishing paper(s) in the area of patient safety, serving on a Quality Assurance committee (either within ASTRO, AAPM or their home institution), taking a SA-CME or equivalent in the area of patient safety, running a quality improvement program at a departmental level, or other such leadership in quality improvement and/or patient safety activities.
  • Members must not be part of the planning or implementation of an accreditation program (such as ASTRO, ACRO, Commission on Cancer, or ACR’s accreditation programs) or any other program (such as a Carrier Advisory Committee [CAC]). The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act requires PSOs to be independent of such entities and to be free of conflicts of interest as the intent of the PSO is to improve quality in a non-punitive environment.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Members will sign business associate contracts with Clarity so that they may see identifiable information.
  • One multi-hour conference call per month
  • One day-long, in-person meeting per year
  • Review of incident reports and aggregate data, as needed.
  • Use communication platform in compliance with Patient Safety Act.


  • A $1,000 honorarium will be paid annually to RO-HAC members. Members will also be compensated $150 per hour for their time dedicated to root cause analysis
  • Payment, funded by ASTRO, will be made directly to the RO-HAC member through Clarity.

Access the RO-HAC application.

Content last updated 9/18/2013
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