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Targeting Cancer Care
Clinical Practice

Patient Safety


Patient safety is of the utmost concern to radiation oncologists and safety considerations are woven into all aspects of clinical practice. The field of radiation oncology is complex and rapidly evolving, and the safe delivery of radiation therapy requires the coordinated efforts of the entire radiation oncology team.

Advocacy Efforts

ASTRO’s commitment to patient safety informs our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and at regulatory agencies.

Education Offerings

ASTRO has developed CME and SAMs focused on patient safety issues in radiation oncology practices.

QA White Papers

ASTRO has commissioned a series of quality assurance white papers highlight key issues that should be addressed in a radiation oncology practice within a broad safety program.

  • Target Safely

    Patient safety is a central commitment for radiation oncology. This page discusses the elements of ASTRO’s Target Safely initiative.

  • RO-ILS: Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System®

    The Radiation Oncology-Incident Learning System (RO-ILS) is a secure electronic portal designed to allow participating radiation oncology providers to report, investigate and conduct analysis of incidents that may occur within their radiation oncology practice setting. RO-ILS serves as a mechanism to create a national learning database to build awareness around radiation oncology practice risks.

  • IHE-RO

    IHE, Integrating Healthcare Enterprise, is an international collaborative effort that aims to improve compatibility across all segments of healthcare technologies. The ultimate goal is to improve patient care and reduce medical errors by improving interoperability and eliminating incompatibilities of medical technologies. The Integrating Healthcare Enterprise – Radiation Oncology (IHE-RO) is the radiation oncology domain and is sponsored by ASTRO with the aim of improving functionality of the radiation oncology clinic. Learn more about IHE-RO and how it can help your practice. 

Content last updated 11/13/2015
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