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Targeting Cancer Care
Clinical Practice

Clinical Practice

The successful delivery of radiation therapy requires the concerted efforts of the entire radiation oncology team.

ASTRO is committed to improving patient care and safety and has dedicated significant resources to the development of clinical practice tools to aid in the achievement of these goals.

Patient Safety

cp_patient_safety_120x80.jpgASTRO has dedicated resources to improving patient safety so that safety considerations are woven into the clinical practice of radiation oncology.


cp_guidlines2_120x80.jpgASTRO Clinical Practice Guidelines evaluate the literature on important topics in the field of radiation oncology and provide guidance to physicians on how to best treat patients.

Best Practices

cp_bestpractice_120x80.jpgBest Practices combine available clinical literature with expert opinion and address appropriate use of radiation oncology technologies, treatments, and processes.

White Papers

cp_whitepapers_120x80.jpgASTRO has created two types of papers that seek to make radiotherapy safer and more effective. Quality assurance and safety white papers are part of ASTRO’s Target Safely initiative and focus on preventing catastrophic failures, while Quantec papers evaluate dose/volume/outcome data for many critical organs.

Content last updated 1/3/2013
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