ROhub Celebrates One Year!

By Sabin B. Motwani, MD
Communications Committee Chair

November has arrived, signaling Fall, and the one-year anniversary of the new and improved ROhub! ASTRO’s official online community continues to serve as a place for collaboration and networking. During the summer of 2018, ROhub was moved to a more user-friendly platform and relaunched in November 2018 welcoming the Open Forum, ASTRO’s all member community, ASTRO event communities and specialty communities such as Locum Tenens.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, ASTRO is conducting an online scavenger hunt on ROhub during the month of November. At the beginning of each week, a new activity will be posted in the Open Forum for members to complete. Those who complete all posted activities will be entered into a drawing and five individuals will win $50 each in ASTRO cash, which can be used toward ASTRO products.

Let’s take a moment to look back at this invaluable resource. When ROhub launched last year, expectations were open and benchmarks were not set. Looking back over the course of a year, ROhub has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from members and other committees. The Communications Committee was particularly excited with what ROhub brought to the table as a resource that we were missing at ASTRO. Over the course of the year, ROhub has totaled 231,000 pageviews, 8,500 unique logins, 300 plus unique contributors and more than 900 discussion posts generated by ASTRO members.

The Open Forum has served as an inaugural place for members to discuss a wide range of topics and allows members to interact with staff on a more personal and private level compared to other platforms. This discussion forum has also given the Communications Committee and ASTRO staff invaluable feedback on areas to focus on or what ASTRO can do to better serve its members. From topics like prior authorization, RO-APM and rural practices, discussion has spurred on and encouraged a number of members to jump in and participate in these timely topics. The Communications Committee posted a discussion about the changes we were making to the patient education material and found the feedback extremely valuable. We will continue to do this to help our members shape the work we do.

What’s next for ROhub?

Additional features and large initiatives have been going on behind the scenes for some time now in ROhub. At this very moment the Communications Committee and I are testing a document versioning system similar to Google Docs that will be hosted on ROhub called WorkSpace. WorkSpace will greatly enhance the efficiency of ASTRO committee work and will eliminate the need for so many emails flooding our inboxes or several users at once making changes on a document. Workspace, for example, has features that will allow users to “lock” documents as they are making edits in draft mode. We are confident that this will bring a much-needed reprieve from Google Docs.

Working with the ASTRO Rural Task Force, we will soon launch a peer-to-peer matching system. This new platform will match interested radiation oncologists for the purpose of virtual physician to physician peer review of patient cases.

With the growing expansion, I can’t wait to see what emerging ideas, points of discussion and progress will be accomplished by the 2nd anniversary of ROhub! To those of you who may have wanted to jump in on a thread or have had a question you wanted to pose to the rest of the membership, I encourage you now to go online to rohub.astro.org and post those questions in the Open Forum.

I encourage you to feel comfortable to voice your opinions and ask your questions in this members only environment. Don’t forget to upload your headshot! It’s always appreciated to associate a post with a friendly face so others can introduce themselves to you at maybe…#ASTRO20. It’s never too late to start a conversation or create a new connection today on ROhub. Learn more about how to post in the ROhub.

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