New Sessions Added to coding and Coverage Seminar March 23- 24

By Jessica Adams, ASTRO Health Policy Analyst
Payer coverage policies got you down? We’ve got you covered at the ASTRO Coding and Coverage Seminar. In response to feedback from attendees of ASTRO’s sold-out seminar held last December, two new sessions have been added to the March seminar to provide even more relevant and up-to-date coding information. The seminar is scheduled to be held March 23-24 at ASTRO headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.
ASTRO is acutely aware that restrictive payer policies negatively impact member practices. In fact, the 2017 Member Survey revealed that this is a growing challenge for many radiation oncologists. This has become such a significant issue that ASTRO has decided to devote a session to payer policies and coverage issues during its Radiation Oncology Coding and Coverage Seminar. 
As ASTRO’s primary contact for payer coverage issues, I am familiar with these challenges and will share with attendees our efforts to address coverage issues, including tools ASTRO has developed to challenge inappropriate payer determinations. Additionally, attendees will hear from top radiation oncology coding experts on a wide array of coding and coverage issues. These experts can share some of the tips necessary for accurate and appropriate coding to avoid denials due to poor coding practices.
Faculty members at the Coding and Coverage Seminar include those who write the ASTRO Coding Resource and those who are directly involved in ASTRO’s health policy and  advocacy efforts. The seminar is designed so that attendees can ask specific questions directly of these experts and can interact with ASTRO staff members who work on coding and coverage issues on a daily basis.
ASTRO staff members will also be available for one-on-one sessions regarding the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) to help practices develop a plan for success with 2018 reporting. MIPS is a complicated quality program, and there is not a “one size fits all” approach.  Any practice that bills independently should schedule time with ASTRO staff to discuss the available options.
Attendees of the December 2017 seminar commented that they appreciated the opportunity to discuss individual practice issues with faculty and ASTRO staff members. In fact, more than three-quarters of attendees said they planned to change practice policies as a result of attending the program. Registration fees also include both an electronic and printed edition of the 2018 ASTRO Coding Resource so attendees may refer back to the coding updates throughout the year.
Register now for the March 23-24 ASTRO Radiation Oncology Coding and Coverage Seminar to hear the latest coverage updates. All registrants will be enrolled in an online community so they can ask questions before, during and after the seminar.
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