What’s New in ASTRO Journals: Impact Factors, Editor Appreciation, Discussing Diversity, CME Opportunities

By Lisa Braverman and Dawit Tegbaru, Managing Editors

The world of scholarly publishing is rapidly evolving. Here at ASTRO, the journals team works hard to ensure the Red Journal, Practical Radiation Oncology (PRO) and Advances in Radiation Oncology remain leaders in the field. Below, we offer updates about several recent events and initiatives – but we would love to hear from you! Please direct questions and comments about the Red Journal to Lisa Braverman, and Practical Radiation Oncology and Advances in Radiation Oncology to Dawit Tegbaru.

Impact Factors: PRO’s First and the Red Journal Exceeds 6.0

Clarivate Analytics released the 2019 Journal Citation Report (JCR) last month and we couldn't be more excited about Practical Radiation Oncology  securing an impressive impact factor (IF) of 2.794! While it is important not to overly depend on impact factors for research assessment, the JCR has a reputation of excellence and integrity for its meticulous selection of top journals. Being selected for Clarivate's Science Citation Index Expanded undoubtedly helps enhance the discoverability of PRO and raise the profile of radiation oncology. PRO is ranked 129/229 in oncology and 46/129 in radiology, nuclear medicine, and medical imaging.

The Red Journal also received wonderful news. For the first time in its history, the journal secured an impact factor (IF) greater than 6.0 – 6.203, in fact. Last year’s IF was a strong 5.554, and this year’s leap is truly tremendous. The Red Journal ranked #30 out of 229 oncology journals and #8 out of 129 radiology, nuclear medicine, and medical imaging journals (up from #40 and #11, respectively).

Congratulations and thanks are due to the editors, authors and reviewers of all three journals for their dedication, investment and labor.

PRO Editor Appreciation

As Practical Radiation Oncology (PRO) prepares for its editor transition over the course of the next year, Anthony Zietman, MD, FASTRO offers a fitting tribute to Dr. Lee in “The ‘Lee Decade’: Bringing PRO from Conception to Maturity.”  Dr. Zietman gives a brief history of PRO’s conceptualization and development, and highlights Dr. Lee’s many contributions to the journal and field.

Discussing Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in Radiation Oncology

How do radiation oncologists at different stages of their careers experience gender and diversity? How might programs strive for greater equity, and how is medicine uniquely positioned to embrace diversity? The August 1 issue of the Red Journal includes a special feature titled “Women in Radiation Oncology: Past, Present and Future.” The feature honors the late Eleanor Montague, MD, and contains articles about gender equity in radiation oncology, chairs of RO programs, annual meeting speakers and resident experiences. To accompany this section and add dynamic additional perspectives to the discussion, Editor-in-Chief Anthony Zietman, MD, FASTRO, recorded a wide-ranging podcast on equity and inclusion with Whitney Beeler, MD; Reshma Jagsi, MD, PhD, FASTRO; and Sue Yom, MD, PhD, MAS.

New CME Activities

In addition to traditional, SA-CME credit for select articles in the Red Journal and Practical Radiation Oncology, two new types of journal activities are available through ASTRO Academy. Each December, Red Journal Oncology Scans from that year are grouped together for a seven-credit activity. Additionally, CME is now being offered for all Gray Zone cases and expert opinions. Gray Zone CME is a member-only benefit!

Interested in voicing your opinion in future Red Journal features? Consider signing up to submit a case proposal or become an expert for the always-popular Gray Zone. Write us at redjournal@astro.org with any questions!

Stay tuned for information about editor roundtables at the annual meeting!

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