Radiobiology Lectures

The following lecture series is provided courtesy of William Mcbride PhD, DSc, a professor in the department of radiation oncology at the University of California, Los Angeles. The lectures cover core topics in radiobiology that are fundamental to residents in training. Click on the links below to view the presentation, listen to the audio or watch the corresponding videos. Please contact ARRO with questions.

Interaction of Radiation With Biological Matter

Radiation Targets 1

Radiation Targets 2

Molecular Signaling and Cancer

Clinically Relevant Normal Tissue Responses

Tumor Responses to Radiotherapy

Radiobiology Behind Dose Fractionation

The Radiobiology of Alternate Physical Forms of Radiation Delivery

Biologic Targeting in Radiation Therapy

Interactions of RT with CT and Other Agents

The Effects of Radiation Exposure Inside and Outside the Clinic

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