Honorary Members List

The Honorary Member is one of ASTRO's highest honor bestowed on revered members who have made outstanding contributions to the field of radiation oncology. This includes research, clinical care, teaching and service. Recipients are drawn from any of the scientific disciplines represented by the members of the Society.

Below is the list of Honorary Member recipients through the years. Select a name to view their tribute.

Douglas B. Evans Boston University 2021
Walter Lawrence Jr. Virginia Commonwealth University 2020
Corey J. Langer University of Pennsylvania 2019
Jessica S. Donington University of Chicago 2018
Edith P. Mitchell Thomas Jefferson University 2017
Haakon Ragde The Haakon Ragde Foundation 2016
Jack Roth MD Anderson Cancer Center 2015
Angelita Habr-Gama   2014
Jean Owen Owen Consulting 2013
Mark Carol   2012
Roy Patchell Barrow Neurological Institute 2011
N. Reed Dunnick   2010
Philip Gutin Memorial Sloan Kettering CC 2009
Audrey Evans   2008
Randal S. Weber   2007
William Thorwarth Jr.   2006
Francis J. Mahoney   2005
Umberto Veronisi   2004
Frederick Eilber   2003
LaSalle D. Leffall Jr. Howard University Hospital 2003
Ann Barrett   2002
John J. Curry   2002
Richard Klausner   2001
Bernard Fisher   2000
James M. Moorefield   1999
Frances Glica   1998
John H. Glick   1998
William C. Wood   1996
David Bragg   1995
Helmuth Goepfert   1994
David P. Winchester   1994
Gerald Marks   1993
Roanld A. Castellino   1992
Nicholas Cassisi   1991
Harold B. Hewitt   1990
Frank Ellis   1989
Saul A. Rosenberg   1989
Norman M. Bleehen   1989