2018 ASTRO PAC Donors

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    Thank you 2018 ASTRO PAC contributors!

    We greatly appreciate the support we have received from the following ASTRO PAC contributors. Please join your peers by contributing today.

    ASTRO PAC appreciates the following contributors from each council for 2018.

  • Contributions of $5,000

    There are no contributions to this category at this time. 

    Contributions of $2,500 to $4,999

    There are no contributions to this category at this time.

    Contributions of $1,000 to $2,499

    Steven Damore, MD
    Thomas Eichler, MD, FASTRO
    John Marvel, MD, MS
    Emily Tanzler, MD

    Contributions of $500 to $999

    Contributions of $250 to $499

    Hiral Fontanilla, MD
    Thomas Kole, MD

     Contributions of $101 to $249

    Kunal Saigal, MD

    Contributions of $100 and under

    Suzan Cheng, MD
    Jessica Guarnaschelli, MD
    Jonathan Andrew Haas, MD
    Andrew Hoover, MD
    Kathryn Huber, MD
    Lillie Lin, MD
    Kathy McIntyre
    Marc Rudoltz, MD
    Maria Sosa, MD
    Daniel Spratt, MD
    Jerome Spunberg
    John Stewart, MD
    Steven Stokes, MD
    Nikhil Thaker, MD
    Twyla Willouby, MD